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Intelligent Octopus

Help us test drive Intelligent Octopus

Your EV or Home Battery probably came with a charge timer or an app, how does Intelligent Octopus do it better?

Intelligent Octopus integrates with your EV, or home battery, and creates a customised charging schedule every time you plug in. You tell us how much you need to charge, and by when, and Intelligent Octopus will optimise based on the speed of your charger and the wholesale energy price. This ensures you get the cheapest possible charge.

A basic charge timer switches on and off at the time you set. Smarter charges can be programmed to take advantage of lower prices at night, but that’s the limit.

Intelligent Octopus does it better.

Let us drive

Use the Octopus Energy mobile app to connect your device and choose your preferences. Intelligent Octopus will optimise your charging, prioritising night and off-peak times when power is cheapest.

Intelligent Octopus Mobile

It pays to plug in

We will give you a monthly rebate on your energy bill to help us demonstrate the benefits of Intelligent Octopus.

Intelligent Octopus charge and save

It’s free to join the club

It doesn’t cost a thing to join our community of people powering a smarter energy future. You just need to be a customer with Octopus and register your device.

Intelligent Octopus Home Battery

Integrate with the following devices with more to come

Electric Vehicle

Intelligent Octopus EV

Manage your EV home charging and save

  • Based on your preferences Intelligent Octopus will create an optimised charging schedule for you to achieve the greatest savings

  • $10 account credit will be applied to your account each month

All you need is:

  • To be an Octopus Energy customer 

  • Have a compatible vehicle or smart charger

  • Have a smart meter

  • An iOS or Android smartphone

  • The latest version of the Octopus Energy app

Register via the Octopus Energy app

Home Battery

Intelligent Octopus Battery

Join our trial to be part of a community of home batteries

  • We’ll prioritise grid charging at the cheapest time

  • An account credit will be applied to your account each month

  • Currently available for Energizer Homepower battery only

All you need is:

  • To be an Octopus Energy customer

  • Have a Energizer Home battery

  • Have a smart meter

  • Be connected to Wifi

Register your interest by emailing