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Do Energy Better

Off-peak power every day, half-price nights and no break fees.


Find out what areas Octopus Energy supply in New Zealand

OctopusPeaker battery plan

Fixed time offer - Earn an unprecedented 40c per kWh for peak export over winter. Ts & Cs apply. Learn more

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Saving Sessions

Get paid to use less! We will reward you $2 for every kWh of reduced usage during a Saving Session. Learn more

Intelligent Octopus charge and save

Refer a friend

For each friend you bring along, you get $50 and your friend will get $50 when they switch to Octopus. Learn more.

Refer a friend

Are you having trouble paying your bill?

Into the Octo-verse

Into the Octo-verse

Switching to Octopus is easy as

It only takes a few minutes to enter your details.

There’s no disruption to your power supply.

We’ll request to switch your property to Octopus

Our friendly local support team are here to help.

There’s an Octopus Energy Specialist here to lend a hand when you need it


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