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Why join Octopus?

We make it easy for customers to access affordable power as we transition to a clean energy future.

OctopusPeaker Why Octopus Tile

OctopusPeaker Battery Plan

Earn a leading 20c buyback rate with the OctopusPeaker Battery Plan.

Intelligent Octopus

Help us test drive Intelligent Octopus

Intelligent Octopus integrates with your EV, or home battery, and creates a customised charging schedule every time you plug in. Plus, we'll give you a $10 account credit each month.

Great solar buy back rate

Great solar buy-back rate

We offer great solar buy-back rates (13c) for exported solar generation.


Refer a friend

For each friend you bring along, you get $50 and your friend will get $50 when they switch to Octopus.

Off peak power for everyone

Off-peak power for everyone, every day

Save money by using power when it’s off peak (11am-5pm and 9pm-11pm weekdays and 7am-11pm on weekends).

Half price nights

Half-price nights

Keep the house warm overnight, or charge that EV, with our half-price night rates (11pm-7am, all week).

No break fees

No break or exit fees

We won’t charge you any break or exit fees if you need to leave.

On top of all the benefits above, we provide some really competitive rates. View rates for your property now.

Our sign up process is easy as. It should only take you 1-2 minutes to complete the form, create a password for your customer account and add a payment method. Sign up now.

Once you have completed sign-up, it usually takes about 3-5 working days (but can take up to 10 working days) for your property to switch from your old power company to Octopus Energy.

And if you're interested in joining us

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