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Charge your EV on the go with our OpenLoop Add-to-Bill

Openloop and Octopus Energy

When you are a customer of Octopus Energy, you will be able to charge your EV at any OpenLoop charge station, including selected Z Stations, and have that charge directly applied to your monthly bill.

Our simple Add-to-Bill integration gives you a convenient and hassle free way to have your public EV charges in one monthly bill.

One convenient bill

All OpenLoop public charges will be integrated into your monthly bill for one monthly payment.

Greater visibility

All EV charging costs in one place, making it easier for you to track.

Exclusive access

Only Octopus customers can get exclusive access to this convenient integration.

If you're an Octopus customer and you'd like to take advantage of Add-to-Bill


If you’d like to take advantage of our Add-to-Bill with OpenLoop, email If you already have an OpenLoop account we’ll need your account details and we’ll then pair your OpenLoop account with your Octopus Energy account.

If you don’t have an OpenLoop account send us an email and we set this up on your account and will send you a tag to use at the charging stations.

Once you’ve got your tag, follow the instructions at the charger and the cost of that charge will be added to your Octopus Energy account and included in your monthly energy bill.

We’ll add the charge as a line item on your bill it will look like:

Bill with OpenLoop Charge

  • Counties Energy has 5 OpenLoop branded chargers across our network.

  • 25 public chargers across the Waikato.

  • Z has plans to install over 30 chargers across their sites in 2022.

You’ll be able to see the cost of any public charging and in time we plan to provide usage information as well.

We simply pass on the charges straight from OpenLoop, with no markup. You will get charged OpenLoop’s advertised rates and we just make it easy for you to pay for all your energy usage with one bill. And don’t worry, we wont charge you for any “free” OpenLoop charges you do.