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Hot Water Trial Terms and Conditions

  1. By signing up to the Hot Water Control Trial you agree to these terms in addition to the Octopus general terms & conditions and privacy policy.

  2. Hot Water Control is a trial service. Your rates will not change but using this service will change when your hot water cylinder is using electricity and this may change the cost of electricity for you. 

  3. How it works: you tell us your preferences and we will recommend a level of control for you. This control will be in addition to any control the network does to manage network issues, we are working with them to coordinate as much as possible. We will turn off your cylinder for periods of time and then turn it on. We may also turn your cylinder off if there is a period of peak demand or risk of an outage in your area. In doing this we will work to minimise any adverse impact on you.

  4. This is a beta trial. This means some things may not work the first time or may break and that on occasion data issues with smart meters can prevent things working at all. By agreeing to participate in this trial you accept that there is a risk of your cylinder not heating your water sufficiently. 

  5. If you notice your water is not adequately heated please contact us immediately. In this event, Octopus will take reasonable steps to seek to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. You will always be able to stop participating in the trial.

  6. If you expect your hot water use to increase or decrease significantly you can contact us and we can change the level of control.

  7. Octopus will gather data about your usage, technology characteristics (e.g. model, size, power consumption), operating preferences, any actions you take and how your hot water cylinder performs. We will use this information to help us refine our service offering and we may also share this information as part of aggregated anonymised insights.

  8. Octopus accepts no liability for wear of your hot water cylinder. Our liability to you shall be as set out in our General Terms and Conditions.

  9. We may also wish to stop providing the trial service, and may terminate use of it at any time. We will tell you as soon as practical if we intend to stop the trial service.