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Schedule of fees

This is our latest schedule of fees, version 1.0

Last updated on 24th May 2022

Some of our services may require us to charge fees to your Octopus Energy account.

If you live in a rural or remote area additional fees may apply. We may on-charge any fees we receive from the distribution network or other third party in relation to services and supply at your property. These fees may be applied on completion of the service or because you have not fulfilled your own obligations.

When arranging services with us, such as connecting your power or changing your meter, you must provide us with access to complete the service. If you do not you will still have to pay the fee for the service requested.

Fees not listed will be provided on application, when arranging the service with us.

Manual meter read fee$35.00
Reconnection - Smart meter (remote)$22.00
Disconnection - Smart meter (remote)$22.00
Reconnection - On site$100.00
Reconnection - After hours$200.00
Disconnection for non-payment$90.00
Permanent disconnection$180.00
Temporary safety disconnectionQuoted
Meter site verification$180.00
Meter accuracy test (applied ony if test passes)$260.00
Meter resealing fee$150.00
Meter relocation$230.00
Combine and centralise metering$230.00
Meter replacement$180.00
Meter tariff change$230.00
Meter tariff change (remote)$22.00
Meter capacity change (upgrade/downgrade)$230.00
Distributed Generation (import/export) metering installation$199.00
Turn down fee$80.00
Non-network fault fee$165.00
Credit management fee$30.00

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