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Refer a friend terms and conditions

These are our latest Refer a friend terms and conditions, version 1.0

Effective from 1st November 2023.

1.0 The following terms and conditions apply to the Octopus Energy NZ Limited (‘Octopus Energy‘) Refer a friend Promotion for both existing customers referring (‘Referrer’) and new customers joining (‘Friend’)

2.0 The Octopus Energy Refer a friend Promotion is for new residential Octopus Energy customers who:

a) Move into or live at a residential property that Octopus Energy is able to supply;

b) Apply to join Octopus Energy at the new address, pass any necessary credit checks; and

c) Have not received any other promotional credits when joining Octopus Energy

d) Have not been an Octopus Energy customer in the last 12 months

3.0 The Octopus Energy Refer a friend Promotion gives:

a) Each Friend who meets the above criteria a credit on their Octopus Energy account; and

b) Each Referrer a credit on their Octopus Energy account,

c) Each a ‘Promo credit’

4.0 The value of the Promo credit will be the amount shown on the Octopus Energy NZ website as varied in its absolute discretion from time to time.

5.0 The promo credit will be applied to each of the respective accounts (referrer and friend), once the friend has received and paid their first Octopus energy bill.

The promo credit will be shown in the billing statement that follows after the credit was applied.

6.0 The Promo credit is not refundable or redeemable for cash.

7.0 If the customer leaves Octopus Energy before they have used all the Promo credit, the remaining Promo credit will be forfeited.

8.0 You will not be eligible to refer customers to Octopus Energy under the Refer a friend Promotion if:

a) You are not an existing customer of Octopus Energy;

b) You do not refer a customer to us through your Personalised Link. Referrals not made through your Personalised Link, for example if the person you refer signs up through a third party such as a price comparison site.

c) We have reason to believe you are sending or advertising your Personalised Link to people who are not known to you or if you are in any way trying to benefit from our Refer a friend Promotion on a commercial basis rather than for personal use. We reserve the right to deactivate your Personalised Link.

9.0 These Refer a friend Promotion terms apply in addition to the Octopus Energy NZ Customer Terms and Conditions.

10.0 We may change these terms or end this promotion at any time, at our sole discretion.