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OctopusFixed terms and conditions

These are our latest OctopusFixed terms and conditions, version 1.0, valid until 20 March 2024.

  1. This offer is available to new Octopus Energy customers and Octopus Energy customers who move property. You may select this offer through the online application process or when notifying us that you are moving property

  2. By selecting this plan your prices for supply to your current property will be fixed at the rates identified and selected by you for a year from the date of your acceptance as an Octopus Energy customer or the date you move property (if an existing Octopus Energy customer).

  3. If you are on a Low User Pricing Plan your eligibility for the pricing plan must not change during the year. For example if it is no longer your principal place of residence you will no longer be eligible for the Low User Pricing Plan and your prices may change.

  4. You will not be charged a termination fee if you switch to another retailer. However if you received a sign-up credit and transfer to another retailer within the year you must repay the sign-up credit on a pro rata basis.

  5. You will revert to our default prices at the end of the 1 year period, unless Octopus Energy offers you, and you accept, a new fixed price plan before the end of that 1 year offer period.

  6. These terms and conditions are supplemental and subject to our general terms and conditions.

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