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Top tips to earn more with Saving Sessions

Recently we launched Saving Sessions for winter, where we pay YOU to use less. You can earn $2 for every kWh of electricity you reduce during a Saving Session event. The more electricity you reduce, the more you earn.

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Already opted in? Here are 7 top tips to help you earn more during a Saving Session

Remember, make sure you stay warm, safe and comfortable. Don’t turn anything essential off.

#1 Prepare your meals ahead of time

One of the biggest energy contributors at peak times (7am - 11am, and 5pm - 9pm) is cooking. Plan to cook before or after your Session to avoid switching on the oven, or any other electricity-guzzling appliances.

You could also try cooking with smaller, more energy-efficient cooking devices like a slow cooker. Or grab a meal you have prepared earlier from the freezer and heat it before the Session kicks off. You will be notified the day before a Saving Sessions event to give you a bit of time to plan for the following day.

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#2 Avoid using large, energy intensive appliances

To save even more electricity you could run other energy intensive appliances, like washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers outside your Session window. Saving Session events will generally run during peak times (7am - 11am and 5pm - 9pm).

To make it easy for you to understand what home appliances are the biggest guzzlers, we have put together this handy table which outlines the hourly cost of running appliances at peak times. 

ApplianceUse timeApprox. energy consumption (kWh) at peakTypical cost (running at peak)
EV charger (adding around 35km of range)1 hour7$2.50
Heater (plug in fan)1 hour2.4$1.00
Ironing1 hour2.4$1.00
Oven1 hour2.4$1.00
Stove (2 elements)1 hour2.4$1.00
Washing Machine (warm)1 hour2$0.75
Dishwasher1 hour1.8$0.75
Heat pump 4.5kW (max)1 hour1.8$0.75
Clothes Steamer1 hour1.6$0.50
Air Fryer1 hour1.5$0.50
Dryer1 hour1.5$0.50
Heat pump 4.5kW (low)1 hour1.25$0.50
Heater (radiant 3 bar)1 hour1.2$0.50
Vacuum Cleaner (corded)1 hour1.2$0.50
Clothing Iron1 hour1.1$0.50
Dehumidifier (dessicant)1 hour0.5$0.25
Heater (wall panel ceramic)1 hour0.5$0.25

#3 Switch off unnecessary lights (but you don’t need to sit in the dark!)

As most of our sessions are likely to fall during peak times in winter (7am - 11am, and 5pm - 9pm), it could be a little dark outside. During the evenings, bundle up and enjoy some battery-powered fairy lights or even light a candle or two (but make sure you do it safely) to make the most of the cosy winter evenings. And be sure to switch off lights in rooms that aren’t in use.

Note, this won’t make a massive difference overall but every bit counts.

#4 Heat your home ahead of time 

If you have electric heating, pre-heat your home before a Saving Session so that you can switch it off during the event. You can turn it back on straight after the Saving Session event. It’s crucial you stay warm and safe at all times though. If you or anyone in your home is vulnerable or medically dependent, it’s particularly important to keep your home between 18-21 degrees. 

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#5 Unplug vampire devices

Switch off appliances around the house at the socket to save that little bit extra. Electrical devices are often using small amounts of energy while on stand-by - i.e plugged in but not in use.

You could think about unplugging your TV, computer/laptop, microwave and other kitchen appliances, speakers or anything else you can think of during the Session.

#6 Charge up in advance

We’ll always do our best to tell you about your next Saving Session the day before, so you should have plenty of time to charge your EV, laptop, tablet, phone and any battery packs beforehand.

#7 Have some good old-fashioned fun

These Sessions don’t just have to be about making money. Customers who’ve taken part in challenges in the UK saw it as a great opportunity to unwind and connect with family or friends.

Here are a few simple ways you can make the most of your energy-efficient time:

  • Cosy up and read a good book

  • Play some board games, cards or puzzles with your loved ones

  • Spend a little time exercising or doing yoga 

  • Embrace your artistic side and take a moment to paint, draw or write 

  • Play shadow games with a torch to entertain your little ones

Share your Saving Sessions with us!

We’d love to see how you prepare for the Session in advance or how you’re saving power during the Session. It could be a shot of dinner bubbling away in the morning, or how you are entertaining the kids in the dark by torchlight.

Let us know what you get up to during the Saving Session on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SavingSessionsNZ. Don’t forget to tag us!

Published on 3rd July 2024
Monique O'Malley
Monique O'MalleyHead of Marketing

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