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Octopus Energy lands in Aotearoa: Who are we & why are we in New Zealand?

Welcome to Octopus Energy. We’re proudly serving 3 million customers (and growing) across our retail businesses in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and the USA and we’re delighted to add New Zealand to the list.

Constantine with NZ flag

Octopus Energy employs over 100 people across Aotearoa. For the last two years, we’ve been working on delivering awesome customer experiences for energy consumers around the globe. Now, Kiwis can sign up to the same affordable electricity solutions that’ll help New Zealand achieve its goal of 100% renewables by 2030.

We support efforts big and small to develop renewables here - our market-leading solar buy-back rate of 13c is just the start.

We do things differently to other power companies you might have come across. We don't just pump out bills. All our customers are on competitively priced electricity plans that pass on the benefits of off-peak pricing. Off-peak and nights are also generally when more low emission renewable generation is operating, so you save money while charging the EV or cranking the heat pump, while keeping your carbon footprint in check.

We also want to help our customers switch as much of their energy usage to electricity as possible. Generally electricity has much lower emissions than other energy sources. Removing fossil fuels from our energy mix by switching to an EV or heat pump is one of the best ways for everyday New Zealanders to tackle climate change. It should also be cheaper for you.

We’ve got more to come too. When you’ve saved up for that EV, we’ll take the hassle out of finding the cheapest time to charge it and do our bit for managing demand on the grid with our “Intelligent Octopus” smart technology which picks the best time to charge based on your preferences and what’s happening on the grid. And like our customers around the globe, you’ll be able to roll up to a public EV charger to charge your vehicle and pay the fee as part of your main Octopus account.

So if you want a retailer that will give you competitive pricing and solutions for an easy clean energy future give us a whirl. Sign up now.

Published on 31st May 2022
Margaret Cooney
Margaret CooneyChief Customer Officer

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