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Download your data

Beware! This feature is for data nerds only. Every half hour your electricity meter records how much power you’re using. This allows us to display your usage each day, week, or month in the Octopus Energy App, and to calculate your bill. 

Download your data

The data is yours, and if you're the sort of person who likes to dig into these details, we make it available for you to download.

Why download your data?

For most of us, the charts in our app give us enough information to see how much electricity we’re using, when, and what it costs.

But, if you’re that way inclined, there's more to learn from your usage data. For example you can understand the impact of shifting usage from Peak to Off-Peak and Night rates.

You can download your data from the Usage & Rates screen of the Octopus Energy mobile app by scrolling down and pressing the Request Data button.

This displays the date range, which you can adjust, and a Download button.

You can download up to 12 months of data at a time. 

If you’re wanting the date range to start more than 12 months ago, the easiest way is to delete the end date (ignore the warning messages), then type your desired start date into the start date field and press the TAB key. Trying to set an earlier date range by clicking on the calendars is a painful experience - we’re working to improve that in coming releases.

The data will be supplied in CSV format.

Open the file with Google Sheets, Excel or your preferred spreadsheet app and dive right in.

Your data file includes:

  • your account number

  • your ICP Number (the service point identification number unique to your smart meter location)

  • your meter serial number

  • the meter channel

  • your usage

  • whether the reading is estimated or actual

Here’s a glossary of the terms you’ll find in the spreadsheet so you can decode them:

rec—type | HDR (Header Row) DET (Detail Record)

reference | This will always be ICPCONS (short for ICP consumption) in the header row and blank in the DET row.

icp_number | Your Installation Control Point (ICP) is the unique identifier for your electricity connection

response_code | Will always be 000 (stands for request accepted data follows)

astime_adj | NZST = New Zealand Standard Time

serial_number | The serial number of your electricity meter

energy_flow_direction | Shows if this channel records import (I) or export (X) Import is electricity you consume. Export is electricity you export to the grid e.g. solar.

register_content_code | Signifies the type of register (e.g. CN = Controlled, UN = Uncontrolled, D = Day, N = Night, IN = Inclusive)

period_of_availability | How many hours per day this register is available, and recording

read_start | Date and time of start of reading

read_end | Date and time of end of reading

quality | RD = Actual Read, ES = Estimated Read

kwh | Kilowatt hours 

unit_qty_reac | The amount of power used, or exported, in kWh in that period

Consumption information is unique to each consumer, so the data allows for tailored analysis rather than analysis based on a standard profile. 

It shows you how much electricity you use as an individual consumer and when you use it.

You can download a maximum period of one year's consumption data at a time.

Published on 31st January 2024
Simon Coley
Simon ColeyDesigner

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