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Behind the Octopus - Ahalya Nair

We're a few months into our journey and we're already making energy affordable and easy-as for thousands of Kiwis. We wanted to introduce you to some of the team.

Ahalya behind the octopus

Role: Energy Specialist

Where did you grow up?

While I am originally from India, I grew up in the Middle East in a small country called Oman.

Tell us what you enjoy about Octopus? 

The friends I have made over this year and the experiences I've gotten working with a great team. I also feel like Octopus has quite a dynamic environment and there is always something new and exciting to look forward to. 

What does sustainable living mean to you?

It is the choices that we make that impact our surroundings. The tiny changes that we can collectively make today can definitely bring a positive dent in our tomorrow. But most importantly, the changes we make has to be something that is achievable and can be easily implemented into our lives.

Do you have a special talent that may surprise your work mates?
I can speak 4 languages namely Hindi, Malayalam, English and a little bit of Tamil

If money or time wasn’t a barrier what would you do?

This may sound cliché, but I would definitely want to travel the world. I’d start with Milan.

What are you watching right now? 

I like to stick to my comfort zone when it comes to shows so I'm currently rewatching The Good Place. The plot twist is actually pretty great!

What’s your specialty meal?
I can't cook to save my life so my food is usually out of a ready to eat box.

Published on 8th November 2022
Monique O'Malley
Monique O'MalleyHead of Marketing

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