A taste of working at Octopus Energy NZ

6 months ago
Choi Jackson

We’re in the process of bringing old and new friends together to deliver the Octopus Energy experience in New Zealand. Check out this article by Creative Director, Simon Coley, to get a taste of what working at Octopus Energy is like.

I’ve been giving some old friends a hand and making new ones. Choi Jackson, is one of them. The picture of him above isn’t posed, he’s just doing his job at Octopus Energy New Zealand. Octopus is a new energy company brought to you by an impressive team, who’ve already made outstanding contributions to the energy industry in Aotearoa. 

The second after the shutter clicked Choi spotted me, grinned, and said ‘look over there’, pointing at the two big communal tables in the far corner where every one of his crew were yarning, joking and finishing lunch. He’d just strolled back over to his desk.

There are about twenty of them, no one has been told they have to spend their lunch break together, and they bring their own lunch. Weirdly, they seem to enjoy hanging out between their work as Energy Specialists.

Their job is to make sure customers at the end of the power lines, phone lines and internet messaging at Octopus Energy in the UK are being looked after, and because they’re good at teaching and supporting each other they’re good at looking after these people in the UK, all the way from Aotearoa.

Choi’s nod in their direction is a lesson.

You can’t create good vibes and genuine enthusiasm with workmates by issuing edicts, micromanaging and playing team building exercises like falling backwards into your colleagues arms. You do it by example, and Choi is one of the best. He’s a disciple of the commandment that counts: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Choi has made it possible for a group of young graduates to jump in the deep end of a complex and often baffling industry and learn to swim real quick. They’re empowered to deliver exceptional customer service without the constraints of a traditional call center. The results are impressive. I watched one of the crew take a couple of minutes to organise a present to be delivered to a customer in South London, because she was having a tough time — nothing to do with her energy supply — that’s customer care.

Octopus Energy New Zealand isn’t a cult, but if you’re feeling the calling to work with Choi and a team that makes it easy for electricity customers to access clean energy, please visit our careers page.